Saturday, June 7, 2014

I met Tim Holtz today!!

My local scrapbook store Scrapper's Playground is celebrating their 7th anniversary.  They finally got Tim Holtz to come and teach at our store.  So for 3 and a half hours this morning, a group of my friends had a blast creating a folio, with all kinds of techniques and products.  

The time zoomed by so quickly.  I thought an hour had passed, and when I looked at my phone, it had already been 3 hours!!  

Tim is an amazing teacher!  If you ever have the opportunity to learn from him -- DO IT!  

What an awesome day!  thanks, Tim and Mario.   Thanks Sue and all the great ladies at Scrapper's Playground.


  1. Oh, my, Carol, I am SO excited for you!! I can only imagine the millions of people who would DIE to have this opportunity!! And you got a cool photo, too! Yippee!! Hugs, Darnell

    1. Tim and Mario - were so amazing -- not only the class -- but they posed and posed and posed -- and Tim signed and signed and signed - his book, his apron, and a great messenger bag that we got with the class. Great guys!