My Scrapping History

I started scrapbooking many years ago . . . I'll have to think about when . . .  My older son was in college for 1-2 years and my younger son was in his first year, so that would be in 2002 or 2003.  I loved scrapbooking!!  

I gathered my old photos, scanned many of them, and began scrapping. 

 1985 and 1991

I made some mini-albums - notably one for my husband's 50th birthday, and one for each of my boys (2 sons and hubby) for when they "drove race cars" in Georgia.  It was really a one-day racing "school" for hubby's 50th birthday.

Then I was introduced to stamping at a Stampin Up party.  Woo Hoo!!  as my favorite sales rep says.  And I was hooked!!  hook, line, and sinker!!  

I don't remember exactly when I started making cards -- but I signed up on Splitcoast Stampers to post some of my cards in 2008.  You can see my online gallery here .

 Finally last summer I joined the blog world.  I am a teacher, so my most prolific time for creating and posting is, of course, the summer.  I also seem to find this is the time that many other blogs and challenges slow down -- probably because most have young children at home.

I started to store my belongings along a wall in our dining room. 

One book shelf, and some plastic drawers - circa 2009
It started with one large book shelf, expanded to some plastic drawer units -- more of them got stacked on one another.  Then another tall book shelf.  Then a small book shelf in a corner of my bedroom. Then another corner.  The floor in the dining room -- boxes piled on top of the shelves -- behind the couches -- under the couches -- Xmas stuff got moved to the basement (I only used that once in a while) --
You  get the idea -- stuff was everywhere!!! 

Here are some photos of my "scrapbook room / dining room" in November 2012.
Table set for Thanksgiving dinner -- notice towels covering parts of the shelves and a DVD storage tower, to protect paper and stamps from sunlight
My work space -- which was great when I didn't need the table for company!!
I live in a small 3-bedroom ranch.  The younger son moved out, and his room was turned to a guest bedroom -- mostly for when my mom comes to visit. But then at the end of last summer (2012), my older son moved out . . .  he had the bigger room.  Oh the dilemma . . . do I take that room, or turn that into the guest room? 

Well, I took the bigger room to turn into my craft room.  Finally the room is done!  Yipee!!  Take a look at my Scrap Room tab.

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