My Scrap Room Tour

Come on in for the tour!  All friends are welcome!

construction begins - fall 2012
As you enter the room, this is what you see.  You can see the light from the only window on the right side of this first picture:  (overhead is a ceiling fan with light)
the view from the door
I just had to buy the new sizzix big shot -- it matched my d├ęcor!  The small wall shelves were a garage sale find from many years ago - I always hoped for a place to hang them, and finally here they are!  They store several jars filled with buttons.  
These drawer units are from Chandler Creations. They are a bit pricey - but you can configure them however you'd like.  I was able to get them on sale.  Be sure to ask for the sales.  I only have the 2 and 3 inch drawers.  I found the 1 inch drawer was not useful to me.  I store more stamps (by theme - I think if you click on the pix, you can see some of my labels).  I also store extra glue, punches, etc.   
 The tall cabinets on either end are from Furn-A-Kit . There are many pieces in this Harbor View collection. Here is a view inside each - paper on the bottom shelves -- baskets of embellishments on the upper shelves.
  Below is the view to the right of the window. Another set of drawers -- mostly with ink, markers, coloring media. 

The dark brown table was a hand-me-down from my in-laws.  The sides fold down if I need more floor space.  The dark brown "colonial dry sink" was thrown out by neighbors, and I repurposed it for here.  My copic markers are in plastic drawer units on the top shelf of the dry sink.  My 8 1/2 by 11 cardstock are in the bottom.  Baskets on the dry sink hold my acrylic blocks and glues.

To the right of this dry sink unit is the closet:

In front is an ink storage spinner
Want to look inside the closet?

holiday paper shelves on the left -
I purchased these shelves from a store
that went out of business years ago.

homemade storage shelves

Now if we continue to circle to the right we will be looking at the door.

 Below is the view looking towards the door. On the back of the door is an over-the-door shoe holder -- which stores my border punches and shape punches.  The curtain is from Pier One and covers my ribbon rings .  The small cabinet is the multimedia cabinet in the Harbor View Furn-A-Kit collection to store my Paper Trey Ink and Stampin Up stamp sets. 

ribbon rings

the media cabinet open

  Well that about does it.  I love my space. 
It couldn't have happened without my wonderful husband!  He helped research and shop for the furniture.  I found some real inexpensive  pastel color drawer handles and chain pulls at Michaels.  He was able to modify them to put on the cabinets and wall shelves.  And of course he did the construction. 
If you have any questions, please ask. 
My scrappin friends creating cards
July 2013


  1. What a lovely room...Love the colour on the walls...It is so pretty and very organized!

  2. Hi Carol! Your craft room looks like so much fun!! Unfortunately, it is too late to join this years party, but I hope you will join us all next year!!!

  3. Hi Carol, I love the way you have your room all done and love the Cabinets you purchased from us, Chandler Creations, I would love to add your room to my gallery of craft rooms, if that is ok with you.

  4. Hi Carol, followed the links to get tour of your beautiful stamp room. Kudoes to your DH for helping you achieve this wonderful space. It's so organized, I'm hanging my head in shame! Also lovely & light. I too, had to succumb to the newest Sizzix BS - but I did manage to get it on sale. I have some of the 1" drawers (another company, bought from a LSS years ago by DH). The 1" size is very limiting, but DH wasn't to know that. I have 2 of the cabinets, but then went to the 3 bin plastic drawers that the big box stores handle. I would love to have some custom made drawers to store my stamps. Congratulations on achieving such a marvelous room, and you will surely love crafting in there, and inviting your friends to enjoy it with you. TFS

  5. Hi Carol, I got your email with permission to add your photos, I will try to get them up this weekend. Thanks, and it looks like you guys have a lot of fun with all your creating, Awesome

  6. Hi, I am checking out your blog. Great crafting space and nice you have room for friends. You and DH did a great job. I share my craft room with guests so everything has a place behind drawers and closets, and a couple of things under the bed.

  7. Really terrific space - very carefully thought out. Love the green - it's the color of my bedroom.