Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Thank You Bandaids

The back story for this card:
You may recall that I have a grand-nephew, Caleb, who was born very prematurely on May 7. He was actually considered a "micro-preemie" as he was only 1 1/2 pounds.  He is doing well, and just reached 5 pounds today.  His due date was yesterday.  He is still on oxygen, and not completely on bottle feedings yet, but getting there.  He is in an open crib.  We hope he will be able to go home by the end of August.

Caleb is still getting blood transfusions on occasion.  I made several of these cards, which will go to the people (friends and family) that have donated blood for him.

Now for the card:
When I create a card, I like to look for a sketch and a color challenge.

The colors from Cosmic Strawberry are a bright summery palette.  And I've wondered for days what I could make with all these yummy colors.    Collette makes amazing beautiful (and colorful) cards.  And she makes other things as well.  A beautiful doll for her Mom.

As it happens, another blog I follow, One Layer Simplicity, has a color challenge hosted by Susan Rahalia.  Actually several color selections.  One is very similar to Collette's :

I based my card on the sketch from Seize the Sketch .  I rotated it 90 degrees, and swapped the placements of the images and the sentiment. 

I'll also place this card into the Paper Pretties Challenge - THANK YOU . 

And I am "taking" an online card class: Stretch Your Stamps 2 - one segment is coloring lined images.  They have lots of new techniques.  

supplies: images: Paper Smooches; sentiment: Paper Trey Ink; coloring: watercolor using distress inks.  

Here is a photo of Caleb from last week.  It is so nice to hold a "baby-sized" baby.  He looks so sweet.  He's actually been giving the nurses a "hard time", being very fussy.  We've been taking turns going to the hospital to hold him.  Babies grow best while sleeping.  And he sleeps better while being held.  So we hold him, and comfort him.  And he gets better and bigger!

Thanks so much for looking and reading about Caleb.  I hope you are enjoying the summer!  

I do appreciate that you've taken the time to read this, and I love your comments.  


  1. Fantastic card. Love the band-aids and your colors.

  2. Oh, man, forget your card, Caleb is front and center and ALL I saw in this post, Carol! Thank God he has come so far and done so well! Every time I hear of one of these miracle babies making it and ending up as perfectly normal children, I am left feeling humble and in awe. He has the best looking "boy" face for a premie I think I've ever seen. Does that make sense? He looks all boy and the picture of health if it weren't for those tubes helping him. I am keeping him in my prayers! Hugs, Darnell (Your card is super cute, too!)

  3. Oh, how sweet! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful picture of an adorable baby! Your card is sweet too, of course!

  4. Love the bandaids!
    Thanks for joining us at Seize the Sketch.

  5. Sweet card and even sweeter baby! So glad I saw you at Sieze the Sketch! ~Diane

  6. What a fun card. I love the bright colors and it has been made for such a good purpose. Caleb is adorable.

  7. Carol, I cannot imagine a better reason for making colorful and happy Band-Aid cards than to thank these wonderful bodies who have given Caleb life-blood!!! Oh, he is simply darling in his blue cap! What a little miracle! Thanks so much for sharing him with us!