Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snowman Ornament

Woo Hoo - crafting with my son!!
My older son's job has a "hand-made ornament" contest every year for their company Xmas tree.   After some encouragement from his girlfriend, Joe created a Pinterest account and found this ornament:

Now, you should know that Joe's job is in a candle-making facility.  So, he did not want to use the flame-less candle, but one of the candles made at his job. 
Joe shared this picture with me, and asked if I had the supplies to recreate it.  And of course I do (but he knew that).  So one night after work, he came over, and we had a good time (at least I did) creating the ornament you see at top.  It is now hanging on the company tree:
To make the 2 base circles, we used the white cardboard packing from a package of Stampin Up paper, and inked the edges with some blue - the brim of the hat is the Stampin Up Word-window punch, and some ribbon.  The arms we cut off the Stampin Up large snowflake punch.
Joe needed to incorporate his voting ID number, so that is how the sign came into the design. 
I can't wait to see what he wants to do next year!!
Thanks for looking!

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